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Simpkins Wedding Range
Simpkins Wdding Sweets

About Simpkins

Welcome to Simpkins Online

Simpkins Factory, Sheffield


Simpkins have been manufacturing traditional confectionery in Sheffield ,England for over 90 years. We are a 3rd Generation family owned company  who specialises in the manufacture of sugared & Sugar Free confectionery and even though we distribute all over the world, like anything in life... you can never find what you want when you want it!! So due to this and with extensive consumer feedback and demand we launched this website. So all you have to do now is relax, sit back, browse, choose, click, pay and await prompt delivery... .....easy! Please follow the tabs above which enable you to browse some of Englands finest All Natural confectionery, and Sugar free lines including the iconic global brands such as NIPITS Pure Natural liquorice, FROG IN YOUR THROAT Lozenges and a vast Sugar Free range including the JUICEES brands.We also carry many other confections as well as the leading Global Sugar free brands of Vivil and Holex.

Quality and Innovation
With our experience in High Quality manufacturing, packing and sourcing we  are the perfect choice. We work very closely with our customers in developing their vision and initial concept into a  finished product One of the main selling points of any product created and crafted at Simpkins  is the untouchable of the confections, all crafted using the finest All natural ingredients and all manufactured by traditional recipes and methods under the watchful eyes of master sugar boilers, this ensures that we create a product and brand that will not just sell , but repeat sell, within Simpkins, we also have a  bespoke Private label packing department where manufactured or sourced product can be packed in a multitude of formats.

Contract/ Private label manufacture
We are a manufacturer of both consumer healthcare and High Grade confectionery products, across a mix of contract, private label and branded platforms. Complementing our core Manufacturing Strength with a reputation for innovation and quality, Simpkins have supplied many famous household brands with the finest confections available. Consumer Healthcare (OTC and Supplements)We are a leading manufacturer of confectionery-based OTC pseudo medicated products (cough lozenges)and nutritional supplements, producing a broad line of OTC and nutrition products comparable in quality and effectiveness to the traditional forms of these products. Every product manufactured adheres to the most stringent standards and customer-specific requirements. We bring over 90 years and three generations of experience in the manufacturing of an extensive range of confectionery products. Specialising in hard glucose and sugar free confections (candy), of which we are one of the  leading  and most established manufacturers in these fields. New and exciting delivery forms are always under development. Capacity for other types of confectionery products can be installed for large opportunities, products and dosage requirements.

We excel in Hard Boiled confectionery manufacture:
• Die-formed High-boiled Lozenges
• Solid and filled Centres
• Dual colours and/or flavours

All the above 3 formats may be:
• with or without inclusions/supplements
• sugar or sugar free
• no added sugar

Packaging formats:
• Tins
• Twist wrap bulk
• Twist wrapped bags (Vertical-form-fill-seal)
• Loose filled bags (Vertical-form-fill-seal)
• Pillow pack / flow wrap
• Stick pack
• Gift packs/hampers
• Blister packs
• Bottles

We trust you enjoy shopping with Simpkins online.

Adrian & Karen Simpkin

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