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Simpkins Wedding Range
Simpkins Wdding Sweets



in this section you can browse the Simpkins childrens lines such as the Simpkins lollies which are crafted using only the finest ALL natural colours and flavours,designed for the pharmacy market so they are confections of the Highest quality that any concious parent would be happy to buy with confidence for their children . We now also carry a range of All natural Jelly Beans from the Jelly bean factory , jesmona Black Bullets,also the Mouthwatering Ginger candies from the Ginger people, and of course our own mouthwateringAll Natural traditional confections
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Frog In Your Throat CRANBERRY MENTHOL Lozenges
The mouthwatering taste of Cranberry coupled with the icey menthol blast gives this lozenge an unrivalled taste and flavour delivery to any lozenge on the market!.......with added Glycerine for the throat as well! "Dont Croak.........suck a frog in your throat!" Possibly the No 1 Lozenge that is manufactured under the Iconic Frog In Your throat range!!
Frog In Your Throat MANDARIN MENTHOL Lozenges
One of the most mouthwatering menthol Lozenges ever manufactured and put on the market All ingredients are selected and blended in the Simpkins laboratory before being handed to our master sugar boilers to create a mouthwatering little lozenge! .The cool menthol blast is released behind the tangy and exotic taste of mandarin, a mouthwawatering and fairly unusual flavour combination that helps aide releif to your throat and nose! ......with added Glycerine for the throat as well!!
Frog in Your Throat Original Strong Lozenges
Simpkins Frog in Your Throat Original Strong Lozenges The original VERY STRONG and penetrating Lozenge.....originally formulated by Simpkins in 1923 and was the benchmark product for the iconic brand FROG IN YOUR THROAT as basically it worked and has a kick like a mule! PLEASE BE WARNED THESE ARE THE REAL DEAL!!(NOT FOR WIMPS!!)
The globally iconic British made brand has launched a range of stick packs to further grow the "frog in your throat" brand; a new fresh menthol blast to the lozenge market!. "Tried,Trusted and Dependable!" This Sugar Free mentol and Eucalyptus lozenge gives you the cool menthol blast that penetrates to give relief when needed most
Frog in Your Throat TCL Lozenges
FROG IN YOUR THROAT- , TCL throat Chest and Lung Lozenges All Natural Lozenges that have been crafted by Hand at Simpkins Chemist confectionery works since 1921, taste divine and no waffle....basically just work a treat!!
Gin & Tonic Flavoured Drops
NEW- Mouthwatering Non Alcoholic" Gin & Tonic flavoured "drops that enable you to have "Gin o'clock time is now, Anytime ...anywhere!"!" . individually wrapped for hygenic sharing and Presented in a tear and open share pack.Perfect for parties/dinner parties or just to enjoy when you need a boost and to freshen your palate with the delicate fizz and flavour of your favourite tipple!!
Hitschler Softi Chew Strips
Kids favourites - soft chewy fruity flavoured strips that are totally yummy.One of the quickest selling lines that we have sold for over 25 years Imported directly from Hitschler,Germany
Honey and Hemp Botanical Drops
A distinct and Required taste! Please note that due to the growth in the sales we have limited stock levels! One of the truly Olde world Flavours, !! A mouthwatering all year round as a sweet confection as well as being perfect for achy and sore throats, as they contain essential hemp flower oil and honey. THC FREE- they contain none of the effects of Cannabis
jelly Bean Factory Gourmet Jelly Beans
This 50 g bag of jelly beans is the Ultimate taste sensation, it contains a mouth watering selection of fruity flavours. This is a fantastic small pack that can be taken in the car, put in childrens party bags or just as a small indulgence for yourself. And to top all that they are kosher, halal compliant and suitable for vegetarians.We want everyone to fall in love with our jelly beans. So they have made sure all our beans are GMO, gelatine, fat and gluten free. There are no nuts allowed near the factory so if you can’t eat nuts you can still go nuts for our tasty little treats.
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