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Simpkins Wedding Range
Simpkins Wdding Sweets



The Worlds Finest Collection of All Natural Botanical confections, crafted by Master Sugar Boilers at Simpkins confectionery works in the heart of Yorkshire, England .Traditional recipes from 1921 and only the finest Ingredients and botanical oils and extracts are used in this carefuly crafted Range of Botanical treats. The "Botanical Collection" boasts 19 mouth watering variants of all Natural,Gluten Free glucose drops, all packaged beautifully in PET Jars with the distinctive Simpkins branding. The range comprises of tastes from around the world - the South American Chocolate and Chilli Drops and the Asian Favourite Green Tea Drops English Classsics Such as Lavender ,Rose and fennel as well as Active Botanicals that are generously infused witH Echinacea or Manuka Honey......... a taste and treat for every palate! "Simpkins.......often copied but never bettered!"
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Manuka Honey, Chamomile and Lemon  Oil Botanical Drops
A fine botanical confectionery recipe resulting in a sublime and untouchable taste sensation! Our Sugar Boilers infuse Manuka Honey from New Zealand with the finest Chamomile Extract and zesty lemon oil. The finest English Manufactured Manuka Honety lozenghes with all the related health benefits Including-manuka honey( 4.0%) and Chamomile Extract (1.0%)
Mandarin and Ginger Oil Botanical Drops
A mouthwatering confection, sweet refreshing mandarin with a background undertone of zingy Ginger oil.Reputably helps to relive digestive complaints as well as the effects of Travel sickness,Motion sickness and morning sickness.
Lavender Botanical Drops
A rather subtle and classic botanical flavour . Lavender has been used for centuries for many medical and culinary uses , but is possibly best known for its relaxing properties that help aide the onset of sleep
Honey and Hemp Botanical Drops
A distinct and Required taste! One of the truley Old Flavours!! mouthwatering all year round as a sweet confection as well as being perfect for achy and sore throats, as they contain essential hemp flower oil and honey. THC FREE- they contain none of the effects of Cannabis
Fennel Botanical Drops
One of the truely Classic Botanical Flavours.Fennel has been used for centuries to help relieve digestive complaints A natural Aniseed taste which also refreshes the palate after a rich and spicey meal
Cherry and Echinacea Botanical Drops
As truly mouthwatering blend delivering a refreshing natural Cherry taste with the underlying subtle mellow tones of the finest Echinacea extract. Please note that this product is crammed full of 3% Echinacea Extract, As For centuries Echinacea has been used to stimulate the bodys defence against colds.
Chocolate and Chilli Botanical Drops
A True infusion of South American Flavours!! The luscious taste of chocolate combined with the Chilli delivers a sublime taste but with undertones of a spicy Chilli kick! Not too hot and peppery....... just pleasingly warm
Aniseed and Coltsfoot Botanical Drops
A Real Blast from the past!! A mouthwatering blend of 2 timeless classic ingredients that are very rarely manufactured together to pharmacy grade standard .The blend results in a strong , crisp and refreshing flavour delivery
Elderflower Botanical Drops
This belnd offers a refreshing taste of years gone by,Elderflowers which emerge in British Hedgerows during June every year, have long been used as a herbal remedy for Hay fever and colds. A true British Classic!
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