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Frog in Your Throat Lozenges

Frog in Your Throat Lozenges

Possibly the worlds most famous and easily recognisable iconic brands is back, to breathe a much long awaited fresh but fruity icey blast into the regular lozenge market.. "DONT CROAK.......SUCK A FROG IN YOUR THROAT!" The small and convenient lozenge is tried , tested and totally dependable to help soothe niggly coughs and sore throats. A lozenge For all reasons and all seasons, as its proven that these lozenges can be and are consumed all year whatever the weather!!.
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Mouthwatering all natural Strawberry and Cream flavoured glucose lozenges with extra glycerine added to help soothe , that every littke princess should have in her handbag or school satchel. NO dosage requirement!! Taste divine and help the soothing of most sore throats!!
Frog in your throat  LIME MENTHOL Lozenges
One of the most mouthwatering And refreshing Menthol infused Flavours ever manufactured! "keep one leap in front of your cold with Frog In Your throat!" The menthol blast is hidden behind a crisp mouth cleansing lime flavour which is infused with Glycerine that enable relief to sour and achey throats, Try it and tell us what you think!
Frog In Your Throat CRANBERRY MENTHOL Lozenges
The mouthwatering taste of Cranberry coupled with the icey menthol blast gives this lozenge an unrivalled taste and flavour delivery to any lozenge on the market!.......with added Glycerine for the throat as well! "Dont Croak.........suck a frog in your throat!" Possibly the No 1 Lozenge that is manufactured under the Iconic Frog In Your throat range!!
Frog In Your Throat MANDARIN MENTHOL Lozenges
One of the most mouthwatering menthol Lozenges ever manufactured and put on the market All ingredients are selected and blended in the Simpkins laboratory before being handed to our master sugar boilers to create a mouthwatering little lozenge! .The cool menthol blast is released behind the tangy and exotic taste of mandarin, a mouthwawatering and fairly unusual flavour combination that helps aide releif to your throat and nose! ......with added Glycerine for the throat as well!!
Frog in Your Throat Original Strong Lozenges
Simpkins Frog in Your Throat Original Strong Lozenges The original VERY STRONG and penetrating Lozenge.....originally formulated by Simpkins in 1923 and was the benchmark product for the iconic brand FROG IN YOUR THROAT as basically it worked and has a kick like a mule! PLEASE BE WARNED THESE ARE THE REAL DEAL!!(NOT FOR WIMPS!!)
The globally iconic British made brand has launched a range of stick packs to further grow the "frog in your throat" brand; a new fresh menthol blast to the lozenge market!. "Tried,Trusted and Dependable!" This Sugar Free mentol and Eucalyptus lozenge gives you the cool menthol blast that penetrates to give relief when needed most
Frog in Your Throat TCL Lozenges
FROG IN YOUR THROAT- , TCL throat Chest and Lung Lozenges All Natural Lozenges that have been crafted by Hand at Simpkins Chemist confectionery works since 1921, taste divine and no waffle....basically just work a treat!!
Sugar Free Frog in Your Throat Blackcurrant and Menthol Lozenges
Simpkins Sugar Free Blackcurrant and Menthol FROG IN YOUR THROAT Lozenges The Sugar Free (No added Sugar Free) variant in the range of the iconic global brand...FROG IN YOUR THROAT All Natural Blackcurrant flavour delivers an icy menthol blast that will make your nose run and the blackcurrant soothes your throat With all the added benefits of being sugar free as well!........the healthy little helper!
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