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Olde Miners (SUGAR FREE) Blackcurrant & Menthol lozenges

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Availability: In stock

Simpkins OLDE MINERS Sugar Free Blackcurrant and Menthol Lozenges The Sugar Free (No added Sugar Free) variant in the range of the iconic global brand...OLDE MINERS ... All Natural Blackcurrant flavour delivers an icy menthol blast that will make your nose run and the blackcurrant soothes your throat With all the added benefits of being sugar free as well!........the healthy little helper!


Ingredients- Olde miners sugar Free Blackcurrant and menthol lozenges, sweeteners ( Isomalt , Sucralose) Citric Acid,Natural Flavour, Menthol,Natural Colour: Anthocyanin extract ‘best eat less than 25g of polyols per day as excessive consumption may cause a laxative effect’ GLUTEN FREE. FAT FREE,SALT FREE PROUDLY MADE IN SHEFFIELD ,ENGLAND SINCE 1921

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