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Peppermint Bonbons with Vitamin C -Extra Strong

Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

VIVIL Extra Strong Peppermint lozenges are manufactured by the Leading german Sugar Frree manufacturer Vivil A Muller , so you can be assured of the finest suagr free lozenges available Perfect for when you are requiring that strong peppermint and menthol relief!......a real blast which offers instant refreshment! Mind blowing peppermint taste and flavour delivery, with all the benefits of being sugar free as well!! would never tell it was sugar free


Sweetners:Isomalt ,maltitol syrup,acesufame k,aspartame,peppermint oil,(0.15%), natural peppermint flavouring,ecalyptus oil,mentol,vitimin c,colour indigotine Excessive consumption may cause a slight laxative effect 60gm e Net Weight- Bag

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