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Simpkins Wedding Range
Simpkins Wdding Sweets



America's #1 selling ginger candy - the Gin Gins® Original Chewy Ginger Candy and Spicy sweet chewy candies. Are a perfect Healthy product range to adorn the Simpkins web shop So mouthwatering refreshing!
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olde Miners Spicy Ginger lozenges
A new addition to the Olde Miners lozenge range is this spicy Ginger lozenge All natural , salt free and gluten free spicy ginger lozenge with a kick like a baby mule , enlivens the taste buds as well as being suitable for travel/motion and /or morning sickness
Simpkins Mandarin, lime and Ginger travel sweets
Simpkins have blended an ageless classic for Travel , All natural Madarin & Lime drops blended with finest ginger oils. these mouthwatering confections offer refreshment with a subtle zing of ginger.Perfect for enjoying on a long drive as for centuries ginger has been used to help/alleviate the symptoms of travel/motion sickness.
Sugar Free Ginger with Vitamin C
Sugar and Gluten Free Ginger with Vitamin C Manufactured using only All natural colours and flavours and by traditional methods and recipes.Ensures that you are buying the finest High Grade sugar and gluten free twist wrapped confection available.A mouthwatering blend of the finest ginger oils.To give you a sublime guilt free taste sensation Also Recommended for travel sickness, motion sickness and morning sickness
The Ginger People-Gin Gins chewy Ginger candy
The Finest Ginger Chew on the market Mouthwatering Original Chewy Candy, individuaiy wrapped in 42g handy pocket box Made with 10% Fresh Ginger
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