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Simpkins Wedding Range
Simpkins Wdding Sweets



 A small but comprehensive selection of All Natural Glucose confections, Sugar Free confections and mouthwatering Liquorice from one of Britains oldest independent family companies.A treat for every taste and would be excellent gift or present for any celebration!As well as the Ashfords brand of Manicure and Grooming products the finest and Original Brand of Scissors for the UK Pharmacy since 1921

These products are strictly on a first come first served basis due to demand and  limited supplies !

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English Mixed Fruit Lion Gifting tin
Highly embossed Gifting tin filled with 300g of the Worlds Finest Traditional English Mixed Fruit Travel Sweets Number 1 selling product flavour globally Manufactured using only All natural colours and flavours and by traditional methods and recipes.Ensures that you are buying the finest High Grade Glucose Assorted fruit confection available.............. the perfect present! All individually wrapped for Hygenic sharing
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