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Ashfords Sharp/Sharp Cuticle Straight Scissors

Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

1sl x Mirror Finished Stainless Steel (SHARP/SHARP) Cuticle straight Scissors( single sheathed). The Cuticle Scissors Stainless Steel Straight iare small scissors for trimming the dead skin around the base of the nail bed/ the cuticles while their non-slip handle grip helps to ensure that you have a maximum control always. Cuticle Scissors Stainless Steel Straight have the extra sharp pointed tips and straight blades are specially designed for precision cutting of nail silk or linen wrap.they are used by professionals in beauty parlours, saloons and generaly used at home for manicure/pedicure treatment. One of the Orginal And Finest Range of stainless steel manicure & Grooming ranges that has been distributed in Pharmacy since 1921 Finest quality from Sheffield direct to chemists and Pharmacy,


Finest Quality Straight Cuticle Scissors( Blades- Sharp/sharp) from Simpkins of Sheffield

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