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Simpkins Wedding Range
Simpkins Wdding Sweets
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Simpkins Classic  Ginger Fruit Drops
Mouthwatering Ginger Fruits All Natural Fruit Drops blended with the finest ginger oil to ensure a truly sublime taste sensation, warming yet fruity.
Simpkins Classic  Mulled Wine flavour Travel Sweet
Simpkins Traditional Mulled Wine Tin Classic antique design tin containing mouthwatering Mulled wine flavour glucose drops.A warming yet refreshing flavour, a classic flavour that very few manufacturers can perfect.....but Simpkins have!! PLEASE NOTE THAT UNFORTUNATELY THEY DO NOT CONTAIN ALCOHOL !!
Simpkins Classic Invigorating Mint Selection
Simpkins Traditional Mint Selection 200g Drops An invigorating selection of All natural mints- Peppermint, treacle mint, buttermint and spearmint all encased in an antique classic designed tin.Take your pick of the mints!....they are all mouthwatering!!
Classic Lemon,Honey & Chamomile
A fine botanical confectionery recipe resulting in a sublime and untouchable taste sensation! Our Sugar Boilers infuse Honeywith the finest Chamomile Extract and zesty lemon oil. The finest English Manufactured Honey lozenghes on the market with all the related health benefits Including- honey( 0.35%) and Chamomile Extract (0.47%)
Simpkins Nostalgic Delivery van
Simpkins Sweets Delivered to you by Van - Filled with 200gm of our deliciousAll Natural Mixed Fruit drops that since 1921 has been proven to give extra energy! The van design is the closest we could get to the original delivery vans that we had back in 1921, that was used to deliver high Quality Pharmacy grade confections to Chemists on a daily basis,,,,,a real blast from the past.!! A perfect gift as the quality of the confections and the presentation are stunning!!.............and great for all those nick nacks once youve eaten all the mouthwatering sweets!
Sugar & Gluten Free Trio Tin Gift  Pack
This perfect collectable Sug & Gluten Free gift pack contains 3 mouthwatering all Naturalcolours and flavours but are guilt free!.The centre Citrus tin is designed so you can write your own personal message on !Perfect Gift that will be cherished many years after the sweets have been devoured!
Vintage Xmas Bauble
Vintage Christmas Bauble containing the Worlds finest Pure chocolate centred confections These Vintage shabby / chic design Christmas bauble contains a secret seasonal twist inside! They all contain finest belgium chocolate encased in a Mulled Wine flavoured pure glucose shell .......a true mouthwatering taste for the Christmas period. All presented in a retro vintage designed Bauble ensures its a stunning and useful gift......... even long after you have eaten all the sweets!! The Perfect decoration to compliment any Tree!
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