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Botanical Collection -Winter Gift Carry Pack

Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

1 x Winter Botanical Jar Carry Pack Gift containing 3 x 190gm Jars of the worlds Finest Botanical Confections in a Handy chic gifting carry case in a Seasonal design, a truly mouthwatering festive Gift.


Product Featured here: Winter UK Gift Pack Contents Mandarin & Ginger Drops, Mulled Wine Drops and Warming Aniseed & Coltsfoot Drops ALL NATURAL/ GLUTEN FREE/GMO FREE/SUITABLE FOR VEGETARIANS Mulled Wine-Ingredients: Sugar,Glucose Syrup,Citric Acid,Natural Flavouring,Natural Colour: Anthocyanin Extract CONTAINS NO ALCOHOL All Natural Colours and flavours,Salt Free, Fat Free, GMO Free, Gluten Free, Suitable for vegatarians 190gm Net Weight-PET Jar Aniseed & Coltsfoot Ingredients: Sugar,Glucose Syrup,Citric Acid,and Natural Flavouring All Natural Colours and flavours,Salt Free, Fat Free ,GMO Free, Gluten Free,suitable for vegetarians 190gm Net Weight- PET Jar Mandarin & Ginger Ingredients:Sugar,Glucose Syrup, Citric Acid,Natural Mandarin Flavour, Ginger oil (0.035%),Natural Colour: Paprika Extract All Natural colours and flavours, Salt Free,Fat Free,GMO FRee, Gluten Free,Suitable for vegetarians 190g Net Weight-PET Jar

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