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Holex Sucrose Free chocolate Gift Stack

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Availability: In stock

A Mountain of Holex Sucrose Free Chocolate Bars presented and wrapped with a hand tied ribbon and bow ensures that this line is the perfect gift for chocoholics who want to just sit back, relax and enjoy with all the guilt free benefits that Holex chocolate offers being sugar free Contains 1 x Milk Hazelnut Bar 1 x Milk Chocolate Bar 1 x Rum Truffle filled Bar 1 x Dark Chocolate Bar 1 x Peppermint Filled Bar Fructose sweetened and diabetic friendly-all the taste without the sugar !!


Milk Chocolate Ingredients - Fructose, cocoa butter, Milkk powder, Cocoa Mass, Skimmed milk powder, hazlenut pasted, emulsfier: soya lecithin, flavouring. Dark Chocolate Ingredients - Fructose, Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butter, Emusifier: soya lecithin, flavouring. Milk Hazelnut Ingredients - Fructose, cocoa butter, milk powder, hazlenuts (15%), Cocoa Mass, skimmed milk powder, hazlenut paste, emulsifier: soya lecithin, flavouring. Peppermint Filled Ingredients - Fructose, Cocoa Mass, Water, Mannitol, Cocoa butter, skimmed milk powder, sorbital, emulsifier: soya lecithin, flavourings. Rum Truffle Filled Ingredients - Fructose, Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butter, Fructose syrup, totally dehydrated milk, skimmed milk powder, hazlenut paste, butter fat, rum (0.8%), emulsifier: Soya Lecithin, flavours. SUGAR FREE, GLUTEN FREE Best eat less than 25g of polyols per day as excessive consumption may cause a laxative effect

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