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Simpkins Wedding Range
Simpkins Wdding Sweets



Since the 1940's Simpkins have been pioneers in the manufacture of Sugar free /No added Sugar Confections.Most are Suitable for Diabetics or people on a sugar restricted diet, contain a 1/3rd less calories than sugar and does not promote dental decay.As well as SIMPKINS own branded products we activley globally source complimentary lines to further enhance our Sugar Free offerings. Brands exclusively imported are VIVIL(Germany), and HOLEX(Germany).

Due to enormous demand this year simpkins have included in the range a SUGAR FREE SELECTION BOX ....a hand wrapped presentation box of assorted sugar free lines .....the ultimate gift for someone dear!(please view in Gifts & Treats tab)

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  1. £1.45
    The NEW 2015 design of Simpkins JuiCees Passion Fruit Dreams are simply mouthwatering! 0% Added Sugar sweets in a handy , chic and high impact 40gm pocket tin .They are made using only Natural Colours and Flavours , contain 1/3rd less calories than sugar based products and will not promote dental decay. A must have for every pocket handbag!!!
  2. £1.89
    Simpkins strong sugar free mentholmints in a handy 40gm Vintage designed handy sized , pocket or handbag sized hinge lidded tin. Slowly suck on one of the Strong M\1NTS , they leave the palate fresh, minty and refreshed
  3. £9.50
    A stack of Simpkins No Added Sugar Chocolate Bars presented and wrapped with a hand tied ribbon and bow ensures that this line is the perfect gift for chocoholics who want to just sit back, relax and enjoy with all the guilt free benefits that Simpkins chocolate offers being sugar free Contains 1 x Milk Hazelnut Bar 1 x Milk Chocolate Bar 1 x Plain/Dark Bar 1 x Dark Orange Bar 1 x White chocolate Bar Maltitol sweetened and diabetic friendly-all the taste without the sugar !!
  4. £1.36
    Caramel & Cream Creme life hard candies are manufactured by the Leading german Sugar Frree manufacturer Vivil A Muller , so you can be assured of the finest suagr free candy available Mouthwatering caramel taste and flavour delivery, with all the benefits of being sugar free as well!! would never tell it was sugar free
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