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Simpkins Wedding Range
Simpkins Wdding Sweets
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  1. £1.89
    Simpkins strong sugar free mentholmints in a handy 40gm Vintage designed handy sized , pocket or handbag sized hinge lidded tin. Slowly suck on one of the Strong M\1NTS , they leave the palate fresh, minty and refreshed
  2. £1.85
    These yummy gluten free treats are also made without any gelatine making them suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians. Free From Fellows Cola Bottles are fun bottle shaped sweets in a delicious Cola flavour. Super delicious yumminess!
  3. £1.85
    Free From Fellows Gummy Bears are bear shaped gummy sweets in Lemon, Apple, Orange and Cherry flavours. Super delicious yumminess!
  4. £1.85
    Free From Fellows Midget Gems are gem shaped gummy sweets in flavours such as Pomegranate & Raspberry and Blackcurrant. Super delicious yumminess!
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