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Simpkins Wedding Range
Simpkins Wdding Sweets

VIVIL Sugar Free

VIVIL Sugar Free

These lines are Imported directly from  VIVIL (Germany) who are undeniably Europes finest manufacturer of Sugar Free Sweets.VIVIL are pioneers and experts in blending confections that taste sublime! So much so, that  you wouldnt know they were sugar free!! Simpkins carry the core best selling lines that we believe are perfect for the UK taste.Please view below the UK offering which ranges from mints, Multi Vitamin sweets to the mouthwatering Creme life range!

One flavour that has surprised us is the ITALIAN COFFEE "Latte Macciato" its unbelievable.Try it and tell us what you think!!

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Vivil Sugar Free Mints
Vivil Sugar Free Mints are manufactured by the Leading German Sugar Free manufacturer Vivil A Muller , so you can be assured of the finest sugar free compressed mints available Based on one of their founders original recipes these mints deliver the refreshing taste and flavour delivery of mouthwatering peppermint for instant oral refreshment and a powerful peppermint blast, with all the benefits of being sugar free as well!! would never tell they were sugar free
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