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Simpkins Wedding Range
Simpkins Wdding Sweets

Terms and Conditions

"A. L. Simpkin & Co. Ltd, sugar free products may be suitable for people on a sugar restricted/low carb diet. It is advisable that before taking any steps towards dieting you should consult your family doctor. It is advised to limit your intake to 25 grams of polyols per day. Please note excessive consumption may have a laxative effect".

Please eat all confectionery in moderation and ensure you clean your teeth regularly!

***When entering your order please take care that the details and requirements are correct. Prior to confirming your order please re-check the information you have given ***

A. L. Simpkin & Co. Ltd does not represent or warrant that the information accessible via this website is accurate, complete and current.

Price and availability is subject to change without notice.

Please read these terms carefully as they are the terms under which you ("The Customer") agrees to use this website and/or purchase the products ("The Products") from A.L.Simpkin & Co. Ltd. ("Simpkins"). No other terms or representations shall form part of these terms unless agreed in writing between The Customer and Simpkins. These terms do not affect your statutory rights.

To place your order please follow the steps indicated on-line.

If the customer has not received the products within 28 days from the date the customer receives emailed acceptance of the order, the customer may contact Simpkins by e-mail quoting the order reference number and cancel that order. Simpkins will refund any money paid by the customer in relation to that order. Delivery address must be a mainland UK, Northern Ireland or Channel Islands address.

The prices for the products are as indicated on the website and are stated in UK£ (stg).These prices include the applicable VAT. The cost of any order including postage must be paid by the customer up-front by a credit/debit card or cheque acceptable to Simpkins

If the products are unacceptable(damaged or not substantially in accordance with the customers order requirements) ,then, subject to availability, Simpkins will send you a replacement .In this event the customer must contact Simpkins by e-mail quoting the order reference number and return the unacceptable goods to Simpkins within 7 days of receipt of the goods. Simpkins will then send the replacement as well as the delivery charges reasonably incurred in relation to returning them to Simpkins(after the customer has provided to Simpkins an appropriate receipt for such charges)by charging it to the customers credit/Debit card or by other means.In the event the customer does not want a replacement for the unacceptable products then,upon their return, Simpkins will give the customer a full refund of the purchase price of the unacceptable products as well as the delivery charges reasonably incurred in relation to returning them to Simpkins(after the customer has provided to Simpkins an appropriate receipt for such charges)

Simpkins are committed to protecting the customers privacy. Simpkins use the information it collects  about the customer to process orders and to provide a more personal shopping experience. Simpkins may also use it to tell the customer abouts changes in its services or about special services that Simpkins may consider that the customer find valuable.Simpkins will not sell , trade or rent the customers personal information to others.

Under the data protection Act 1998, Simpkins follows strict security procedures in the processing,storage and disclosure of information which you have given Simpkins.Simpkins’ security procedures may mean that it may occasionally request proof of identity before it is  able to disclose any information to you

To the fullest extent permitted at law,Simpkins are providing this website and its contents on an “as is” basis and makes no(and expressly disclaims all, except fraudulent) representations or warranties of any kind with respect to this website or its contents.Simpkins does not represent or warrant that the information accessible through this website is accurate,complete or current.

Is granted to electronically copy and /or print in hard copy portions of this website for the sole purpose of placing an order with:

Any other use of materials on this website - including reproduction for purposes other than noted above, modification, distribution, or republication without the prior written consent of Simpkins is strictly prohibited.

Other products and company names mentioned on these websites may be the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

All website designs,graphics,the selection and arrangement thereof,and all the software compilations and other material on this website are copyright of Simpkins ,or their content and technology providers.

Failure by Simpkins to enforce any of these terms will not affect its right to enforce any of these terms at any time in the future.If at any time any of these terms or part of a term are/is found to be unlawful or invalid by any court the such term or part term shall be deemed severed from these terms and the remaining terms shall be deemed valid and subsisting.These terms are subject to change at any time without prior notice to the customer.Simpkins advise the customer to print and keep a safe copy of these terms.

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