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    Party Pack x 6 “sugar free Santa” mixed fruit drops

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    Party Pack x 6 Sugar free  festive  santa mixed fruits

    The World’s No.1 flavour of travel sweets has just got a festive twist !! Sugar &  Gluten Free Glucose Mixed Fruits in a fun Festive Christmas tin. Manufactured using only all natural colours and flavours and by traditional methods and recipes. Ensures that you are buying the finest High Grade Sugar free Assorted fruit confection available. The perfect gift or stocking filler for anyone, perfect gift to be kept under the tree for when you have unexpected visitors turning up unannounced bearing gifts! (the unexpected Visitors emergency Gift!)

    See ‘Additional information‘ for ingredients & nutrition values.

  • Our NEW Sugar-Free Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls are a true likeness to their Sugar Daddy, after years of thought and months of testing we have created a Sugar-Free alternative for those who wish to exclude or reduce sugar from their diet. Isomalt, Sucralose, Oil of Peppermint natural Flavour and Colour
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