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      • MGO "High Strength" Manuka Honey  Lozenges contain 15% 300+ Manuka honey from New Zealand.
      • Product is designed to slowly dissolve in your mouth and slowly coat your throat with Manuka honey.
      • Delicious taste and soothing.
      • individually wrapped for hygienic sharing, pop a couple in your pocket for easy use when required during the day
      • Raw Honey  is made in New Zealand!!....   then honey is then blended and manufactured into lozenges in  GREAT BRITAIN)
    See ‘Additional information‘ for ingredients & nutrition value
  • Simpkins Mouthwateringly  Citrus sours , deliver a strong ,penetrating and Long lasting  taste explosion .Crafted by traditional methods and using only All Natural colours and flavours ensures you are  experiencing the finest sour product on the market. All packaged in a trendy retro pocket tin, perfect for pocket or handbag See ‘Additional information‘ for ingredients & nutrition values
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